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Project History

HS Vision Group, Cairns 2010 :

Spatial Impacts arranged a week long seminar at the JW Marriot , Mumbai promoting investment opportunities in Cairns. We had secured 5 Expression of Interest along with an initial deposit of $1000 each. However HS Vision went into receivership and couldn’t deliver as promised.

Pearls Australasia Pty Ltd

Spatial Impacts assisted Pearls Australasia Pty Ltd, Bundall in introducing their road construction and housing technology across India

  • a) Global Road Technology : a revolutionary road construction technology across India and Bangladesh.
  • b) MiiHome : Pre-fabricated housing technology

Pearls Australasia :

Spatial Impacts undertook the entire set-up of operations for Pearls Australasia and secured many Government projects as well as multi-million dollar project distribution association in Mumbai.

Broo Beer, Melbourne 2013 :

Spatial Impacts assisted Broo Beer Pty Ltd in sourcing and finalizing a master distributor for the Indian sub-continent

Maasun Hydrokey Limited, Gold Coast :

Spatial Impacts is assisting Maasun Hydrokey a fuel saving device in launching its revolutionary product in the Indian market. We are currently testing the product across Government and major private transport companies across Mumbai, Hubli and Chennai.

Asia & Middle East seminars :

Spatial Impacts is arranging exclusive seminars and representing companies from Australia to promote investment opportunities across Asia & Middle East to its vast network of investors through its associates as well as HNI’s.

Rostron Carlyle Lawyers:

Rostron Carlyle Lawyers is a law firm with extensive migration law experience. The firm provides advice in preparing and lodging visa applications to Australian and State Governments, and can advise on the legal process for starting a new business in Australia. As it is a full service law firm, it can also provide a range of other legal services to clients.

Real Estate & Property:

Real Estate & Property, we arrange seminars and events every month across our network in India for blue chip property developers from Australia. Showcasing investment and real estate opportunities that include house and land, apartments, units and lifestyle and high end projects.
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