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about us

Spatial Impacts provides International Business to Business (B2B) facilitation that allows Australian businesses that are financially and production capable to meet with commercially compatible businesses overseas with a view of bringing to fruition mutually agreeable outcomes.

Spatial Impacts has a primary focus of assisting Australian Business into the firmly established / emerging markets such in India, as well as Middle East, & Asia. Spatial Impacts provides valuable local cultural, economic and political sensitive knowledge and understanding to Australian companies to allow them to better strategize and communicate with their international counterparts.

With a core staff of experienced professionals and a team approach to consulting projects, we will be able to offer a more balanced quality service. Spatial Impacts has a strong core staffing capability that allows flexibility towards our customer’s needs and wants. We have the ability to provide best match servicing and guidance in markets that are strong and with excellent growth predictions.

Our mission & vision

Our Mission: Spatial Impacts will grow its customer base primarily from a reputation of reliability, value for money and achieving speedy and mutually beneficial trading outcomes

Our Vision: To have a successful International Business to Business (B2B) trading model that allows Australian companies to showcase their products and services to interested parties overseas – particularly in the Asia , Asia- Pacific and the Middle Eastern region – and arriving at mutually agreeable, commercially attractive outcomes